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Every woman's menstrual periods go a little differently. Sometimes thing that seems disturbing is completely natural. There are also times when symptoms that we ignore or think "this is the way it's supposed to be" should be reported to a doctor.


Menstrual periods that are too heavy can cause weakness and even anemia. Studies and observations indicate that menstrual periods that are too long and heavy reduce productivity at work, are stressful and have a negative impact on social life. Worldwide studies also show that the problem of too heavy bleeding affects up to about 30 percent of women at some point in their lives, and only 15 percent go to a gynecologist with the problem. Remember, YOU don't have to put up with it. Such ailments can be treated.


Women don't usually talk about the abundance of their periods. Many women live with heavy periods without taking any action. They go along with it because they often think their heavy bleeding is normal. Find out if you have heavy menstrual bleeding and talk to your doctor about treatment options.


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