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Lipofilling (Fat Grafting)  - is a procedure that uses specially prepared adipose tissue thanks to which we can precisely and safely model the figure. It is used when there is a desire to improve the size and firmness of breasts, slimmer hips, as well as to model the face. Depending on body area and a patient's expectations, we achieve the effect of filling and rejuvenation of the skin, while getting rid of excess fat from the place from which the fat was taken. Lipofilling is a safe procedure, which is distinguished by its low invasiveness.

Transplant of your own fat tissue is a natural and safe alternative to artificial implants and fillers, as it carries no risk of allergic reaction or rejection of the transplanted tissue. The procedure uses the Micro&Nano Fat system, which was patented by world-renowned Dr. Goisis.

The lipofilling procedure allows:

·         enlargement of breast size (usually by one size)

·         elimination of breast asymmetry

·         restoration of natural tissue after removal of implants

·         improving breast appearance after pregnancy and breastfeeding

·         enlargement and lifting of the buttocks

·         reduce skin defects, bumps and scars

·         filling in wrinkles and furrows

·         facial shaping

Before the lipofilling procedure a consultation with a doctor, ultrasound examination and laboratory tests are necessary.

Lipofilling is usually performed under local anesthesia and patients return home the same day. The course and length of the recuperation period is mostly influenced by the patient's compliance with the preoperative and postoperative recommendations.

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