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Orthokine therapy

Our Medical Center is one of the few certified centers in Poland which treats with the Orthokine therapy. Orthokine therapy is a modern non-surgical method of treating osteoarthritis and sports injuries. The Orthokine therapy was developed in 1997. It is primarily aimed at people with degenerative changes in the joints and after sports injuries, including tendon and ligament injuries. In addition, Orthokine therapy is used to treat degenerative changes in the spine and intervertebral joints. The effectiveness of Orthokine therapy has been proven in clinical studies. Due to its effectiveness and excellent results, Orthokine therapy is now an alternative to some surgical orthopedic procedures. The treatment consists of a local injection of the patient's blood serum into the affected joint.



  •   Joint pain - degenerative joint disease (e.g. hip, knee)
  • After knee surgery (e.g. cruciate ligament reconstruction)
  • In athletes after injuries (joints, muscles, tendons)



  • Inhibition/slowing down of the inflammatory process of joints characteristic for degenerative changes
  • Inhibition/slowing down of cartilage and tissue destruction
  • Reduction of pain intensity
  • Improving muscle and tendon function after injury


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